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Vaccinium ovatum  huckleberry
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Vaccinium ovatum


This evergreen shrub grows 2 to 3 feet round in the sun, 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide in shade. Pinkish white flowers in late spring are followed by black berries in fall - delicious! Slow growing, spreading when young, taller when older. Low to moderate water, attracts birds. Bay Area native.
Vegetable starts   vegetable starts
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Vegetable starts

vegetable starts

We have organically grown vegetable starts in the spring and fall and a few bareroot vegies in November and February. Our starts are usually for sale March through the end of May and again from the end of August through September. We start with lettuces, brassicas, and other greens and end the spring with tomatoes, basil and peppers. In the fall we have greens and brassicas. We plant successively every 2 weeks and you can call for our current availability. Our starts are certified organic by Marin Agriculture - MOCA.
Verbena bonariensis  giant verbena
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Verbena bonariensis

giant verbena

Self supporting wiry stems 3 to 6 feet tall, 2 foot spread or more with tiny, fragrant, lilac purple flowers in large clusters summer into fall. Self sows. Full sun, tolerates drought and heat. Effective when under planted with gray foliage. Good cut flower. Can reseed and be invasive.
Verbena lilacina de la Mina  Cedros Island verbena
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Verbena lilacina de la Mina

Cedros Island verbena

Semi evergreen perennial growing 1 to 2 feet high, 2 to 3 feet wide. This selection has dark purple, fragrant flowers and is free blooming. Full sun, low to average water, somewhat deer resistant, good border or filler and good in containers. Native to sand dunes of Cedros Island, hardy to 25°F, attracts butterflies.
Veronica perfoliata  digger's speedwell
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Veronica perfoliata

digger's speedwell

This unusual evergreen perennial from Australia grows 2 to 3 feet tall, 2 foot spread and sometimes runs. Stiff stems with gray foliage are topped with soft spikes of 1/2 inch violet blue flowers over a long period. Full sun or light shade, rocky soils, moderate water. Drought and deer resistant.
Vitis californica  California wild grape
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Vitis californica

California wild grape

A deciduous, rampant vine with large rounded leaves that provide a lush tropical texture and fall show of brilliant color. Purple berries good for jams, jellies. Grow in part shade. Native to streamsides, canyons and springs, it likes water. Attracts butterflies, birds. Bay Area native.
Vitis x californica Roger's Red wild grape
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Vitis x californica 'Roger's Red'

wild grape

A vigorous grower, this hybrid of the native grape and an all red Vitis vinifera is known for its fall show of brilliant scarlet leaves, one of the glories of autumn. Full sun or light shade and native to wet areas, it can be grown with little water taming its vigor. Purple berries are seedy but good for jams, jellies.
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